Special Items are loot you can get from Treasure Chests or Special Missions. These give special buffs to your towers, Banana Farms, or Bloontonium Generators. (There is a pothole to missions that give Special Items in items that are rewarded from Special Missions.)

Magic Banana BagEdit

This magic bag can hold a bunch of City Cash, expanding your maximum city cash by 1500.

Blessed DartEdit

Increases Dart Monkeys' darts pierce by 20% And your buildings are 5% cheaper than normal!

Banana ReplicatorEdit

This ingenious machine replicates bananas, giving you extra City Cash income by 150. But NOT only that, it also changes the course of the battles, now you can convert your monkeys into 20% more cash.

Revenge StickEdit

Want revenge? This stick makes you hit your enemies harder, giving you 300 Bloontonium every Revenge Attack.

Portable Dart MonkeyEdit

Folds up and slips into your pocket, this little guy can be used during every game as a free Dart Monkey.

Magic Coin PurseEdit

Always has a bit of extra cash when you need it. Gives you an extra $50 at the start of every conquest.

Epic Magic Coin PurseEdit

Magically creates an extra $200 of starting cash at the start of each conquest.

Logistical BootsEdit

Marshall your troops with these special magic boots! Makes winning new territory give you 10% extra City Cash.

Magic SpannerEdit

Assembly of all vehicles becomes super easy. Monkey Aces and Monkey Buccaneers cost 5% less than normal.

Dark Temple IdolEdit

The holder of this sacred idol transforms all Temples of the Monkey God into Temples of the Vengeful Monkey ( plus 30% popping power!

Bottle RocketEdit

This little toy gives all your missile turrets 10% extra range. (x/2, x/3 and x/4 Bomb towers have range boost.)

Enchanted BoomerangEdit

The holder of this special weapon gives all Boomerang Throwers an extra pop per Boomerang.

Ninja ScrollsEdit

Ancient scrolls of knowledge reveal techniques of skill for Ninjas, giving all of them a 5% speed boost permanently.

Shard of EverfrostEdit

Grants extra chilling power to all your Ice Towers so freeze length and speed is increased by 5%.

Extra Sticky SubstanceEdit

Whatever this sticks to stays stuck. Gives your Glue Gunners 5% extra slowdown and 20% extra glue duration.

Golden Egg ScramblerEdit

Scramble your emergency defenses! Automatically pops the first non-MOAB Bloon that escapes during a game and triggers a free monkey boost! The Golden Egg Scrambler was the star prize Prize of the Kings' Easter Hunt. It was available for 10 days in April 2016 and for 14 days in April 2017 to coincide with the Easter Holiday. Players had to find Easter bunnies in their city to collect bits of chocolate which would unlock the prize.